Yes You Can!

There is this unfortunate stigma about the fashion faux pas of wearing white after labor day.

I remember some time ago wearing a white blazer in late September while I was working as a Personal Stylist for Nordstrom and having a customer grin on me for wearing white after the monumental holiday… I, of course, jumped on the opportunity to educate her on how to pull the look together.

Let me show you how it’s done

Before we start on the visuals, keep in mind the following Stylist Tips:

  1. Only go as far as mid-late October to pull off these looks. Yes, you can wear white after labor day, but not as far as the winter season.
  2. Right now we are living in the in-between time from Summer to Fall. It’s still hot but it will start to get cooler, so just layer accordingly  – try to incorporate warm undertones of the autumn palette
  3. Winter white is a whole nother story… This is more of an off-white/ivory shade and is typically worn around the holidays


This beautifully textured textile is so versatile you can dress up or down. I love pairing this pink lace top with denim and adding a pattern element to give it some sass.



A leather jacket is one of my must-have staples for Fall! It is so versatile + it lasts forever!

I’ve had this leather jacket for over a decade – it’s one of those pieces where I always get compliments on it when I wear.

+ Grey is one of those colors that flows with all neutrals…. including white jeans


Statement Earrings

I wanted to play off the more dominant color in this look so I accessorized with my white statement earrings – Keep in mind, you want to pair colors together within one outfit so it flows.

I wore this ensemble earlier this week and got so many compliments on this olive lace top. It’s one of that oldie but goodie TJMaxx find.

I will admit that I was in a slight rush to get out of the door in the a.m and noticed the tag in the back took away from delicacy from the top, so I cut off while the top was still on (if you can envision the movement)… bad idea, and I knew so going into the motion but at that point I was too committed. In conclusion, I cut some of the fabric with the tag… to be expected. Time to learn how to sew ; )

I was inspired to pair with my white denim because I really wanted to wear my UGG leopard slip-on sneakers. I had a full day ahead of me with back to school shopping with a client and needed a pair of comfy shoes. I love how the tan and black pattern plays off the hints of black throughout the outfit (lace under tank & envelope clutch) and then compliments the olive top.

White Denim Inspiration: Leopard print – pairing it with deeper pigments of green and hints of  black

Outfit 1

When pulling together this look, I started with the shoes. I knew I wanted to go black, so I choose these black slip-ons because they are a mix between comfort and a trendy style + the white sole was an added bonus (pairs nicely with the white jeans). From there, I knew I needed to add a black top, but I wanted one with a pattern so I can pop an additional color within and have a little fun mixing textures. In this case, I merely played off of the red flowers within the pattern of the top by adding a multicolored clutch. I prefer that it’s not a dead-on match – I love how the texture and multiple colors give it diversity.


Outfit 2

The same kind of premises as above but I added an army printed jacket as a layer

Stylist Tip: Add a brooch to the lapel on your jacket – a vintage accessory brought back to life


White Denim Outfit Inspiration:  Black with pops of darker colors (red, olive, pink)

In this outfit, I am still utilizing summer colors, but layering with a deeper yellow, mustard.

Conveniently, this wrap has the color of the top within the pattern so it works. This is a great example of how adding pattern to your wardrobe is so crucial! This wrap shown can be worn with at least 5 different colored tops. You need versatility in your wardrobe to maximize your outfits.

Footwear: If I’m going light up top, I want to wear shoes in the tan colored range. You want to keep the look light throughout the full look

White Denim Outfit Inspiration: Mustard Yellow – an autumn color