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I can’t help thinking of Run DMC when I put on my Adidas track pants, but I must say I am loving this trend ūüôā

Think outside the box on this one. Think business casual intertwined with retro chic… Think to yourself how comfortable you will feel all day long in these pants! This trend is one of my favorites this year. I love pushing my client’s a little over their comfort zone to get them to try on outfits they end up falling in love with.

What’s cool about these track pants is you can dress them up or down. I know some of you are like… What?! So let me show you how:

Let’s start with a heel.

When pulling together a business casual look with these pants, you need to wear with a heel to dress up the look.

Elevate your style.

Pair with a simple blouse and/or blazer or structured jacket; structured in shape but not in the material (this is optional and personal preference).

In this case, I paired with a striped sleeveless Armani Exchange blouse & then popped the look with a lemongrass green clutch. One of my favorite colors to play off on in summer + it conveniently pairs nicely with my teal Adidas track pants.

I like to keep it simple with the jewelry in this look, so I paired with a natural stone necklace from Altar’d State (if you have never been there before you need to check them out. Their jewelry¬†is mainly dominated by natural stone pieces for a reasonable price. Truly beautiful versatile jewelry – every time I wear one of their pieces I get tons of compliments) + I was just there today and this particular piece is on sale.

Side Note: I conveniently¬†live 10 min. away from the Leesburg outlets, so most of these items are not only purchased at a great price but are hard to come by. It was a little hard for me to find this shade of teal in the Adidas track pant to link you to a store, so I have provided highlighted links within this post and at the bottom for items that are very similar to these outfits so you can pull off the look on your own….¬†or you can contact for more info on how to get your hands on a particular piece.

Dressy Casual Vibes

Date Night, Dinner with Girlfriend’s, House Party, Couple’s Dinner….

Same kind of heel as above, simple, strappy, and in nude or tan (any neutral that works for your colored pant).

Pair with a graphic or white tee.

I found this Sleeveless Graphic X-Ray Muscle Tank on Amazon РComfy, but keep in mind it is a true muscle tank so an under-tank or covered bralette will be needed.

Then layered with a heathered black and white moto zip sweatshirt (lightweight, not thick at all). ¬†I LOVE…pieces like this and I’m always on the lookout¬†for more. I love being able to take it into a theatre¬†on a summer night (where it’s hot outside but freezing indoors) and wearing it during days where the temperature fluctuates between warm and cold. A year-round¬†piece for sure. This piece actually¬†came from Targ√¶… a year ago….Boo! I know, but I found something kind of similar down below.

An outfit cannot be completed without an accessory of some kind…finished off with a simple yet unique statement necklace from Altar’d State. I’ve been loving this is necklace lately. Summer vibes – to me, it looks like a giant shark’s tooth. I’m pretty sure it’s intended to be an arrowhead, but I think it can go both ways.

If your thinking, “My feet still hurt from the last pair of heels I wore” then slip-on sneakers are your go-to.

These are the same Vans I featured in my Bedazzled post.

I am all about these shoes!

The metallic color, style, and comfort level is on point. I have been recommending these shoes to all of my Spring/Summer closet edit appointments;

a wardrobe staple.

Now I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have been on a mission for the perfect white tee for some time. Most white tees I see in-store are cheaply made. They tend to be on the thinner side of the fabric spectrum and they¬†are generally fitted. My ultimate tee is one that is stretchy, has a little room in the midriff region, and is not see through. I actually¬†found one recently at Nordstrom Rack but went back for more and they were all sold out… the never-ending story of shopping at a discounted store. You go back for more and they are gone! If you’re feeling like you want to hunt it down it’s by PST Project Social. I have added a link below for tees in this brand, unfortunately not available in white but in other solid colors.

For this layered piece, I paired with a sweater vest. Not the kind you see on men who can’t give up that look (admittingly my husband), but one that is meant to be worn open. This particular Abercombie & Finch vest was a diamond in the ruff at a consignment store. You just never know when venturing off into a consignment store what you may find.

Although I will admit, shoe’s from this kind of establishment I am usually leary about. They have to be in mint¬†condition/appear as though no one really wore them. You just never know the condition of another people’s feet. Everything else you can quickly throw in the wash or dry clean and you are good to go.

While still keeping it simple, I accessorized with one of my go-to statement earrings mentioned in my Travel Around the World in One Stop post. If I was going out for the evening in this downplayed look, I would have fun by incorporating a patterned clutch. Since everything up top is solid, adding pattern is a piece of cake. Be inspired by the colors used in the outfit to play off the colors used in the pattern clutch.

You got this!

Just keep in mind a few things:

  1. Try a tailored track pant like the one as shown. This cut allows you to wear various footwear styles + mostly all shapes and sizes can pull it off as long as you are wearing a top that covers your zipper line and backside at least 1/2 way
  2. Be aware of the fabric and look out for a lighter weight. Some of these track pants are a little too warm for summer temps
  3. Zippers at the bottom of the pant leg are a plus! Zip up 1/2 way and allow the pant to fall ever so slightly over your shoe
  4. Consider folding the waistline over one (width of the waistband). It’s a personal preference¬†on fit and style, but I recommend
  5. Don’t go too crazy with a big bow on the waistline strings if applicable. Give it a clean finish by hiding under your waistband or letting it hang with no tie
  6. Play around with 1/2 tucking your shirt in the front. You can generally pull off this look as long as your zipper line area looks flat
  7. Your track pant of choice does not have to be Adidas. There are other retail stores that are putting their own spin on this trend. I just feel like if you are going to pull off a retro track pant, it might as well be Adidas

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