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Her seasonal Closet Edit sessions have been invaluable.

Jessica is a very talented and personable stylist who can help anyone look their best, and she does it in a very efficient way with her Style Edit system. I met Jessica about 4 years ago. I was frantically looking for a mother of the bride dress, and she was a personal stylist at the department store where I was shopping. She pulled together several dresses to select from, and we came up with the perfect ensemble for me. Her selections were so much better than the frumpy styles I had seen at Bridal shops. Jessica took care of everything I needed, including the accessories. I ended up with an outfit that really exceeded my expectations. That was the beginning of a fashion transformation and a new, better way of shopping for me.

I have continued to work with Jessica over the years, and she quickly helped me break out of the fashion rut I was in by exploring different styles and colors that I would not have thought of trying. Her talent in pulling together stylish, interesting and flattering combinations is amazing. She pays attention to detail, quality and price point.

Her seasonal Closet Edit sessions have been invaluable. She helps me weed out the old and integrate new items based on our “mission list”. My closet is now organized, and I can select outfits with ease using her photos. Jessica’s shopping system is personalized, efficient, and such a time saver for me. She makes shopping fun – not the frustrating chore it used to be.

– Ann Abbott

Now my daughter loves everything because I did not pick it out.

During the past 4 yrs, my husband, 15 yr old daughter and I have turned to Jessica on a number of occasions for personal shopping, special occasion ware and now our closet organization, and mission list support. Jessica has made my life stress free from shopping at all the stores, bringing the pieces to my home, doing all the returns, to include shopping for my daughter. Now my daughter loves everything because I did not pick it out. All my clothes are color coordinated and every day I can go on my phone and see the look book Jessica has created for me and in 5 min I have my new outfit for the day. I now have more time and less stress!!! Jessica always provided us with great service and the quality of work is exemplary.

Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Jessica to help any family stream line the process of personal shopping and to have ther better equip you with the tools you need to look and feel your best all the time.

– Lauren Galati

Since day one Jessica has been fantastic to work with.

On several occasions both for my husband and myself, she has met us at local retailers to choose and coordinate outfits and update wardrobes.  My husband hates shopping…. so having Jessica and her expertise has been the perfect solution to helping him navigate updates to his professional wardrobe.  Jessica has also been to our home several times to give style suggestions for the clothes already in our closet to suggest ways to wear items that we never thought of and how to incorporate new items with old as well as organize my closet in a way that makes pairing items easier.  And then she will be on the hunt for items that you are looking for.  What a time saver!!!

No time to get your fav store? Jessica helps by going and sending you her suggestions, ships to you, and then picks up what doesn’t work.  Sooo worthwhile. She keeps in mind our style needs sizes and has always been so easy to work with.

Thank you, Jessica!!

– The Whitfield’s

Jessica points you in the direction of what you CAN wear that flatters YOU beautifully.

Jessica has kept me younger, more confident, and looking effortlessly in-style and flattered to my shape and coloring for the last 6 years. She has taught me how to buy for the full look instead of combining favorite individual pieces in a less coherent way. As a result I am fully put together, modern, and dressed in way that feels like myself, only better.

Jessica will really see the style of you, different from her other clients, and keep you true to the basics of your personal style while she creates on-trend new outfits for you. She will help you branch out of your clothes rut. You will need to open your mind (trust me I’ve had many times I couldn’t do what Jessica advised because I was stuck in certain thoughts regarding what should wear. And every time, I’ve come to realize she is right, her advise is most flattering and I need to adjust). She is that counsel you need: doesn’t waiver, very knowledgeable, great at her craft, honest always (the way your friends sometimes aren’t), and instead of that feeling like .. such a bummer I can’t wear that style!!.. Jessica points you in the direction of what you CAN wear that flatters YOU beautifully. You just have to be open to it!!

She has at times advised against very high priced items I was ready to purchase (she was on commission at the time and would have benefited had i purchased them) because she felt they were incorrect for my body type or coloring or the outfit we were creating etc and would find something more flattering that happened to be at a lower price point. One of the reasons I knew I liked her from the beginning. She is truly doing what is best for her client and creates the best looks without exception to any gain she might have. I have experienced the opposite many times!

Also Jessica is super cool and fun to hang out with. I have been with her for 6 years and have zero need for anyone else.

I can’t recommend her enough!!!!

– Laura