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Style Edit is All About

We are a Personal Styling service catered to men, women, and children. We are all about creating lifetime relationships with our clients by helping them embrace their individuality and create their unique style. The ultimate goal is to simplify the styling process and to ignite confidence in what you wear.

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Style Edit is All About
Style Edit Advantage

Style Edit Advantage

Here’s the bottom line, working with one of our Stylist’s creates a more personal experience. Imagine having a fashion expert come into your closet and telling you like it is. Edit out ill-fitting wardrobe pieces you are holding onto but will never wear, discover your signature style, strategize on how you can rebuild your wardrobe efficiently, and create a virtual closet with amazing outfits that fit your lifestyle. It’s the full package!


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April 9th, 2018|

80's & 90's Chics break out your Bedazzler kits! [...]

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