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Jessica DeWald


The inspiration behind creating Style Edit

Nordstrom Clientele – Working as a Personal Stylist for many years inspired me to create a company that goes beyond in-store shopping. Creating a personal experience that starts within your closet is the foundation to building your ultimate personal style.

Favorite Designers

So here’s the thing, Style isn’t about what designer you are wearing – Style is not Fashion. I could care less about wearing a particular designer – it’s all about how you can pull together various styles that work for you and your body type.

Favorite Places to Shop

I am all about getting my clients amazing deals on fabulous pieces. A few of my go-to stores are Saks Off the Fifth, Nordstrom Rack,, Amazon, Simon Premium Outlets, and various boutiques.

Personal Style

Modeling. The exposure to this industry gave me the opportunity to be behind the scenes, meet the minds behind the designs, and enhance my love for personal style.

The most fun part about being a Personal Stylist

Changing the lives of others

When you feel confident in what you wear, you can take on the world! Clothing is one of the most powerful forms of non-verbal communication. I must say, it’s quite rewarding to see the change in clients as they move through the Style Edit transition. As a result, they gleam confidence when they have embraced their newfound style and feel at ease when pulling together the look with their newly organized closet. To me, this is priceless!