Feeling Bloated?

This dress is your new best friend!

We’ve all been there, and it sucks, especially when you are trying to figure out what to wear.

I totally get it! You feel self-conscious and ultimately want to look and feel good in what you wear. So put away those legging and feel sexy chic in this dress.

After all, you don’t want someone to ask you if you are pregnant when you’re not. Which is a whole other subject at hand…

This BCBG Faux-wrap midi dress has two pockets that drape more towards the front than the sides, which creates an extra layer in the front to conveniently hide your mid-region.

Generally, pockets sewn in a dress are always a plus, depending on the style of the dress.

I will admit… I feel kind of cool when I am entering the room with one hand in my pocket…. “and the other one giving a peace sign”

Lol just kidding lyric reference, but I am a fan of pockets in my dress.

Fashion & function all in one!

On this occasion, I was in DC for a Style Edit marketing meeting and then transitioned the look for a low key wine & cheese party for my husband’s company in the evening. It worked out perfect!

Check this out, I just found them on Amazon in solids and another fab prints!

I am totally gushing over the Dusty Olive, Black Multi Print, Black/Blue Combo, Black Olive Combo & Dark Navy Multi

I am definitely adding more to my closet!

(click on the Amazon pics below to direct you to this dress)

Back & Side View

The elastic waistband is quite complimentary in the design of this dress.

It contours your waistline and allows you to semi blouse out the top region.

 The keyhole backside gives it a little edge & the high-low hem is the perfect way to show off your legs/summer tan.

Usually, I am anti jersey knit (it tends to cling to all the wrong areas), but this is a mix of a matte jersey knit, spandex and polyester – the perfect

year-round fabric.

Let’s talk accessories

The background color in this pattern is black, so I played off that neutral color and created a flow within my accessories.

Pops of Black & Gold: Clutch, layered necklace, Gladiator Sandal & shades

I have also worn this dress with my black booties featured on my Play on Pattern post – a dressy casual look.

I can also envision a pair of strappy heels worn with this dress for a special occasion. I would play off the fuschia in the pattern and execute in the shoes and jewelry. Be inspired by the colors within the pattern to have some fun in your shoes and accessories. Whatever color you choose to pop, make sure you are doing so with the exact color within the pattern. Don’t go a shade darker, lighter, or close to it. It will most likely result in colors clashing.

Side Note: I have added product links above so you can get the full look on your own. They are not exact but pretty close to them. The Dolce & Gabbana shades are titled ‘men’ but disregard. The ones I purchased were titled the same, but I still purchased and wear on the daily. In reality, when it comes to shades, most of the time you can wear both men and female styled frames – ultimately it just depends on the overall fit and shape of the individual.


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