Today is Amazon Prime Day!

Mostly everyone is a Prime member, and if not, you need to jump on this bandwagon.

FAST, Free Shipping & Returns on the majority of their products, at incredible prices.

Today is the day to snag these items at an extra discounted price, but if you missed out, either way, you are still paying a fab price when shopping with Amazon.

STYLIST TIP: Unsure of the item you ordered? Amazon gives you a 7-day leeway to give you time to decide.


Slip-On Sneakers

Admittedly I own 5 pairs of this kind of shoe.

Lol, I have no shame in my game ; )

They are so comfortable and are a year-round shoe. I am all about versatility as a Personal Stylist, so this is one of those shoes that I recommend for all of my clients. Age is limitless and styles vary, anyone can pull them off.

In fact, I have retired mostly all of my flats (ballet, moccasins, ect…).  They work with jeans, shorts, skirts, casual dresses… Of course, it just depends on the style, but you get my gist.

This particular pair by Steve Madden is designed with perforated holes, so you are limited to the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. Your feet will freeze in winter.

STYLIST TIP: Generally for Steve Madden shoes you want to go a 1/2 size up


Polarized Sunglasses

I feel like once you hit a certain age, you realize you need to take care of yourself and just won’t sacrifice your body for certain styles.

So for me, that’s wearing any heel over 3  3/4, and… recently I discovered I need to wear shades that protect my eyes so I am not blinded by the light! So I ditched my B.P sunglasses and traded them in for a pair of polarized shades.

Found these Unisex Polarized Aviators  for just under $11. The Lilac purple lens is my fav

A few features to mention: High-quality composite lens + Adjustable screws and screwdriver  + Various colors + Protection case, string pouch & cleaning cloth 


Subtle Statement Necklace

“Don’t worry… about a thing… cause every little thing is gonna be alright”

Loving this Molecule necklace! It represents happiness and is a reminder to yourself, good vibes only.

You know when you need a thin, delicate necklace to add a little something-something to your outfit?

Usually, my go-to delicate piece is a gold bar necklace, but I’m feeling like it’s played out – time to switch it up!

Love that this necklace represents something positive and the design is unique + it’s a talking piece.

Trust me, you want more ‘talking pieces’ in your wardrobe. The power behind a talking piece is unique in its own way.

You never know what opportunities can arise when you get into a convo with someone about what you are wearing.


Tee-Shirt Dress

A go-to casual Dress! Just throw on and layer and accessorize accordingly depending on the weather and occasion.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Layer with a denim or army jacket, long pendant necklace, stud earrings, booties or sandals
  2. Statement Necklace, stud earrings, coordinating clutch, heels
  3. Scarf, stud earrings, high-top or slip-on sneakers, cuff bracelet
  4. Statement earrings, leather jacket, booties


Be cautious of jersey knit. Yes, it’s moveable and comfortable, but not always the most flattering. I would order your size and one size up in this dress and see which one works best.



Wear to the gym, workout class, running errands, etc… but PLEASE whatever you do, do not wear as a replacement for your jeans! So let me briefly explain, but ultimately will touch base back on this subject on a future blog post… Basically, don’t wear with a fitted top and skin-tight leggings and go out for the evening in this kind of outfit. I notice this all the time, and it disappoints me to see women who dress like this and think it looks good. I definitely need to post pictures to show examples and will definitely do so more towards fall, when leggings are on trend.

For now… let’s flip the script and keep it light.

Check out these leggings that are slightly high-waisted. Love when I wear a pair of leggings that suck in my poof + this has an added pocket feature in the back of the waistband. This Brand has other cool styles to check out – I especially love the sheer cutout designs

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